Mister Sitwell


The ‘Mister Sitwell’ Swivel Office ChairsMen and women sit differently

We are a sedentary society; in the workplace, we spend most of our day seated. Most office workers, men and women, use the same ordinary chairs that do not take into account the anatomical differences between men and women, nor compensate for the constant stress to the body from being seated much of the workday.

It is no wonder that more than 75% of all workers suffer from backache. Back problems are the number one cause of lost work hours due  to illness.

Sitting on ordinary office chairs can, over a period of years, harmthe quality of  a man’s semen, and even affect male potency. Top doctors in ergonomic science, including  Dr. Theodor Peters (Germany), Dr. Michael Sababi (California), and Dr. Peter Stehle (Canada), have proven that sperm quality can be diminished over a period of time by sitting on a traditionally designed chair. This is caused by lack of proper blood circulation as well as  overheating of the testicles. The damage can begin if the optimum temperature of the testicles is continually exceeded by more than two degrees Celsius while sitting on an ordinary office chair for several hours or more.

For years, Gernot-M. Steifensand has been concerned about health problems caused by constant sitting on ordinary office chairs. His research and new medical insights have resulted in the development of a new generation of swivel office chairs for men and women, that offer a healthy and comfortable sitting experience.

GERNOT-M. STEIFENSAND introduced ‘Mister Sitwell’, the world’s first swivel office chair designed for men at the ORGATEC show in Cologne (Germany).

This year, for the first time, the “Mister Sitwell” chair will be presented to the American market at NeoCon in Chicago. These sophisticated ‘Mister Sitwell’ swivel office chairs for men, designed and developed in Wendelstein, Germany, with the highest German quality, are manufactured in the United States under the American trademark name SITWELL GERNOT STEIFENSAND.